PushNotifications What are Push Notifications and why should I Care? The easiest way to explain what a push notifications is say you want to be updated on the score for your favorite sports team, like the Cleveland Browns. You can download an ESPN Fantasy Football app to your smartphone. called This app will send you the scores of the game and you will get them even if you are on the phone, sending a text, watching a video or playing game on your Smartphone.

Let’s say you have a business. You have a special on Margarita’s since you got a special price on Tequila. You could call your customers, but that would take a long time and the phone may be busy or not powered up. You can send an mass e-mail, which would get to a certain percentage of customers, usually 14-40% have opened up newsletters when I have sent them out. You can use a text messaging service or for less you can set up push notifications on a mobile App.

Per wikipedia the Apple Push Notification Service is a service created by Apple Inc. that was launched together with iOS 3.0 on June 17, 2009

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