JimmyJohns Trying to preorder a chicken sub for with a smartphone for pickup. Can it be done?It’s Friday morning and I am getting hungry. I would like a sub, but I also need to go to the cleaners and pay a bill with not much time to this at Lunch. I would like to preorder a sub and pick it up. I would like to preorder a Subway Chicken breast sub with the works and spicy mustard on my smartphone. Can I do this? It is 2012 and you should be able to preorder a basic sub through your smart phone.

I go to my Smartphone and searched for Subway. There is a offer for a Tuscan Sub, and a popup which instructs you to install a Subway app. I install the App and click on the Menu button. I found the oven roasted chicked sandwich and clicked on it and was given nutrition information. Maybe I should click on the store locator.I found a store 5 miles a way. There were no links for pickup. No, this does not work. on to plan B.

I went to Google and selected restuarants. Scrolling, scrolling scrolling, scrolling scrolling, scrolling scrolling,scrolling scrolling,. I found sub shops but nothing that you can preorder. I went to Yelp, but same thing. I tried Dave’s Cosmic subs and I tried Penn station. I finally tried Jimmy Johns. They advertise themselves as fast and wallah, they have pickup and delivery. They are far away from me, but I was glad to know it can be done. Anybody else have success ordering for pickup on their smartphone?


P.S. Jimmy Johns, there are no stores in Madison, Ohio

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