There are enough mobile websites out there that there should be something of value when you go to the home page. I will no longer be reviewing any sites unless they have a special or a coupon on the home page. I believe it is important to get to the point and help users save money I am not reviewing McDonalds, Wendys or Arby’s because they fail to meet this criteria. I finally found a resturant that did so. So I can now get off my soapbox.

KFC did meet this criteria with a special on the home page, and so I will be reviewing Kentucky Fried Chicken. Well some people may say Fried Chicken, that just isn’t healthy. Which may be an individuals choice, but this is not a review on nutritional content. It is about getting me info fast, and saving some money because I found you on my smartphone. On the home page, there was a Special.
Kentucky Fried mobile screenshot

It says “Get a free cake when you buy a 10pc meal or larger”. You click on the special and it takes you to a map. I had to make the text bigger to see the map, I put in my address and 20 branches came up, I than clicked on the one closest to me and the phone number and address appeared on the screen. It would have been great if I could have clicked on the phone number to call, but oh well.

Me being me, I also wanted to know about nutrition. It took me a couple clicks, but I did find a nutrition guide which you needed to make larger.

All in all, the positives were the special and the nutrition content, while the negatives were that you needed to make the content bigger on the nutrition chart and there was no click to call number, when you found the store nearest you.

I do not benefit from the restuarants that I review. This way I can say whatever I want to. But I do have mobile marketing books which I recieve an affiliate income below this page which will help pay for my time.