HomeDepot Mobile Home Depot Mobile Website Review

Home Depot Mobile Review

What if my oven broke down and I needed to replace it for a holiday party this weekend?

How much would it be? Would there be many be
different models with options to compare?  What about delivery to my house?

Could Home Depot answer all these questions from their mobile website? 

I was pleasantly surprised that the home page automatically detected the nearest store to me. There was also a link for customer service and a link for savings. So I went to the savings link. This went to a link where you could sign up for their newsletter.

I went back to the home page. There was a pictured link for Appliance Special buys.I was given a page with different ways to sort what I need. So I choose search price from low to high. At the bottom of the page were pictures of ovens underneath a caption Customers Ultimately Purchased.

I like to have a black oven to go with my black microwave. The following page showed the price  of $449 with 6 pictures of the oven.It also gave me free shipping with links for Description, Specifications, and Shippingoptions  213 reviews. The reviews were detailed. There were 6 reviews, 5 good with 5 stars out of 5, 1 review 2 stars out of 5 . They even have a link for a mobile app for heavy users.

This is the best mobile website that I have ever reviewed.

There are many ways to compare. It was easy to search. With 6 different pictures of the product, I received many views of the product I was looking for. If I wanted to see the circular, there was a place that I could go to see that. The prices were clear and their was 213 reviews. I would give this mobile website 5 stars out of 5.

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