Does a high Google Review score help your Google Local Ranking? Does a low Google Review score hurt your Google Local Ranking? 

There are a number of factors that influence your  business ranking, but surely a correlation could be deduced. We took 10 Google local categories and went 10 deep in the rankings to see what if we could see any correlations positively or negatively affecting local businesses.

GoogleLocalRankingsStudy 3 300x138 How does the number of reviews affect your Google local ranking?







GoogleLocalRankingsStudy 4 10 300x148 How does the number of reviews affect your Google local ranking?

Google local rankings study Northeast ohio 4-10








Do 0 reviews affect your ranking?

From this study, it is possible to have zer0 local service reviews and be ranked on top. It does depend a lot on the local business category. Holistic medicine can be easier to rank for zero reviews as opposed to a  local restaurant which has much more competition.  It needs to mentioned that if you have 0 reviews in Cleveland for your coffee shop, you will not show up in the top 10.

Does the business with the most business reviews, have the top ranking?

From this study, the business with the most business reviews, had the top ranking  70% of the time. When you total up the listings from the 10 categories, it is interesting to note, the ranking from number 2 through number 10 had about the same amount of reviews.

My business does not have a local ranking. What do I do?

If your business is a dot or it does not show up, check out  different Google Local plans.  Once your site is set up, you will see your business as a letter on the map. When a users type a category into Google search, such as restaurant,  your business will show up on Google Maps on a PC or a website, for local searches. A professional service will help you rank higher to be seen on page 1.






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