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  • 4 Easy Steps to get Customer Reviews

    I have been working to to get customer reviews  for clients for 7 years now. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way. I recall bringing my video camera to an author’s presentation where they spoke for an hour. There was about 40 in the room. Afterwards I waited and took note of who spoke to the author, some people bought books. I asked 4 people if they wanted to do a video review and say what they had learned. I got 4 no’s. The whole experience made me think about this video where the only word the cat knows is no.


    I was invited to a party at a client’s house. I knew there would be a good chance her customer’s would be there. There was also her products to sample. This would be a good chance to get some good small business reviews. I brought my still and video camera and was ready to take down some testimonials. There was a lot of transactions and there was some great bakery items given away from my client. I waited about an hour and asked if this rather attractive woman in her early 30’s would give me a couple of sentences about my client’s bakery item’s. She gave me a good testimonial about how her pizzelles reminded her of the italian pizzelle’s her mom used to give her as a child. I than asked for a photo and she hesitated, brushed her hair and said okay. If I would asked for a video she may have said no. Meaning that anyone is not ready for a live video at a moments notice, but everyone can either take a picture or has a picture in Facebook or from the past that I could use. Somebody else gave me another good testimonial and I was able to get a Facebook picture. Even if it wan not current, it does not matter. What matters are the words.

    I asked 4 people for a testimonial and got 3. The one that did not give me a testimonial I later found out she had abdominal surgery where she could not eat sweets, so it was not my clients fault. This may be the case of others in the past where I had tried to get a testimonial, it was because of them, not my client.

    So after doing this 7 years, here are the 4 easy steps to get a good testimonial.

    1. Find someone other than yourself to get a testimonial. Have them bring a camera. You will be to busy talking about your products and services.

    2. Have a party and have some food. You may want to add a whimsical caterer or bakery like Ventito Bakery, that will  help put your customers in a good mood.

    3. Ask if you could have someone say a couple sentences about your service or product. Ask if you can take their picture. If they say not now, ask them for something on face book or if they could email you a picture. If they say no, ask someone else.

    4. If you cannot get your customer to a party, print a sheet with q r codes that link to Google, Yahoo, Superpages and Yelp review pages on the internet like this image. You can get reviews on the internet which others will see and buy your products and services.

    MichaelDamicoLSEO 231x300 4 Easy Steps to get Customer Reviews











    If this is too geeky or unnatural, put a face on your QR code.

    QRcodeonface 4 Easy Steps to get Customer Reviews








    Please comment with any of your ideas to get a review.

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  • Trying to find jeans that fit for crying out loud

    makeyourownjeans 200x300 Trying to find jeans that fit for crying out loud

    Make your own jeans review

    I have a 27 inch inseam with a 36 inch waist which makes it impossible to find my size in the store. Even if I were to lose a lot of weight and get down to a 34 inch waist, it would be difficult to find my size. I have tried going online and searching for my inseam. The only solution is to cut longer jeans, but this would not fit well.

    So when I found, I was hopeful for a solution, even if it would cost more. The website was easy to navigate and they even asked for your measurement around the thighs, knee and the bottom of the length. There was a wide variety of options, including black and a various assortment of stone washed jeans. The website said 2 to 3 weeks delivery, which was longer, but I did not mind waiting. The pricing was $59 for the pair that I wanted. This was not the highest price, but not the lowest price either. I had trouble at the start where I put the inseam in the form field where there was supposed to be a length. There was no phone number or on line chat which caused my lead time to go up.

    I did receive my jeans 2 weeks after I gave them the correct length. They do not ask for your inseam which increased my anxiety that I would get the wrong size. I received the jeans in great condition inside of 4 bags. They fit perfectly. I was very happy because now they have my measurements saved and I can order again without worrying. I also saw on the website, the worlds largest male at 7ft 8in is a customer. I would give this site 4 stars out of 5. The only thing that I wish was there was a online chat or a phone number for issues with measurements.

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  • Advanced Auto Parts Mobile Website Review

    AdvanceAutoParts Advanced Auto Parts Mobile Website Review I was wondering upon opening the mobile website at Advanced Auto Parts if I could find a battery for my 2005 Prius and what if my car broke down. Could I tow my car to the nearest store for a battery? A good thing, there is a shopping cart tab, for auto purchases online.

    The first thing that caught my eye however was the Your Vehicles tab at the top of the page. I entered my vehicle. There were Car/Truck, model, year, make and engine tabs. There were dropdown which were very easy to select my car’s specification very easy. I also would need to find the nearest store lets says my battery dies in Mentor. There was a convenient find my store button on the home page. I had trouble finding a battery price for my vehicle and if there was any in stock. On every page there is a button with the phone number. It is 9:00 on a Sunday night.

    I wonder if I can get a price on a battery. within 1 minute I was able to talk to a customer service agent. He was able to quote me a price on a battery in stock and if I wanted I could drop off the car at the nearest store. If I needed to tow, this could save me money depending how close the store is, compared to my home. So in conclusion, the mobile website did not have the price and stock, but the toll free number had an agent answer online within 1 minute,  I received the price and stock for the battery at an odd hour.  So if your car is broken down and you need a battery, and all you have is your phone, you may want to give Advanced Auto Parts a try. You may get an answer in a few minutes, like I did. You can also get directions and you can store your car for future reference.

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  • Home Depot Pro Mobile App Review

    HomeDepotPro Home Depot Pro Mobile App ReviewHome Depot Pro Mobile app for contractors makes it easy to order and stores receipts for reorder. I have a customer that is a handyman and his wife does the books. It is a pain to do because she has to chase down receipts which are missing. On the job it often gets quite dirty with dry wall installation and rehab, so this is a Godsend.  Late at night when contractors are off site, they can check stock with their local store.

    Frank Graves, regional pro sales manager from Home Depot Pro said,  “We often see contractors in the parking lot with receipts all over their car dashboard. They’re not using the App, but when they find out about it, they realize how easy it can make tracking their receipts and making returns. They don’t have to worry about finding the paper receipt, or keeping their receipts clean on the job. This relates to the experience that a contractor that I spoke to, that gets messy receipts from working on messy drywall.

    Other benefits and notes about the Home Depot Pro Mobile App are:

    · The Home Depot Pro App provides professional contractors with tools to help them save time and money on the job.

    · For example, via the App, pros can check in-store inventory at multiple locations nearby, contact the Pro Desk or buy directly within the App, schedule a free in-store pick-up and then post-purchase, access eReceipts for easy accounting and quick returns through their Pro Xtra account within the App.

    · Since we launched the App, it has received a 4+ star rating in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and approximately 80 percent of orders through the App have been “buy online, pick up in store,” showing that users are taking advantage of it as a time saving tool. Home Depot Pro Mobile app for contractors makes it easy to order and stores receipts for reorder.

    This is a good app for the contractor of the Do It Yourselfer who has a project and plans on writing off the Project. It is also helpful for contractor organization and those that do not want to deal with paper receipts.


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  • Mobile Review of The Family Handyman

    Mr.Handyman Mobile Review of The Family Handyman

    Business Mobile Website Review

    What could solve an old Water Heater problem? My furnace is getting old and I will soon need a new water heater. I went to on my mobile phone and searched water heater replacement. The top site that popped up was The Family Handyman. There was a newsletter for handyman tips and a Google search box along with links for Rooms, Skills, Parts of the House, and Outdoors. I put Furnace repair in the Google Search box and several articles came up for gas water heater repair. Some informative articles include, “How to Flush a Water Heater”. “Water Pipe Replacement”  and “Cures for Low Water Pressure.  Below there are links for articles, video and blog. I checked out a video from Reem about how to maintain a gas water heater. It was pointed out not to obstruct the gas water heater. Hmm I need to move the blanket by my water heater. They also showed step by step how to drain a water heater. Some of the informative articles on water heaters include, “Replacing a Water Heater”. “How to Flush a Water Heater” and “How to fix a Water Heater replacement light”. All and all if you need to buy a Water Heater, you may want to check out my blog on Home Depot, but if you need handyman info to hold off an expensive purchase, you may want to check out this handyman mobile site. This mobile business review of the The Family Handyman had easy navigation with large text and it may save a Do It Yourselfer some money.


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  • Home Depot Mobile Website Review

    HomeDepot Mobile Home Depot Mobile Website Review

    Home Depot Mobile Review

    What if my oven broke down and I needed to replace it for a holiday party this weekend?

    How much would it be? Would there be many be
    different models with options to compare?  What about delivery to my house?

    Could Home Depot answer all these questions from their mobile website? 

    I was pleasantly surprised that the home page automatically detected the nearest store to me. There was also a link for customer service and a link for savings. So I went to the savings link. This went to a link where you could sign up for their newsletter.

    I went back to the home page. There was a pictured link for Appliance Special buys.I was given a page with different ways to sort what I need. So I choose search price from low to high. At the bottom of the page were pictures of ovens underneath a caption Customers Ultimately Purchased.

    I like to have a black oven to go with my black microwave. The following page showed the price  of $449 with 6 pictures of the oven.It also gave me free shipping with links for Description, Specifications, and Shippingoptions  213 reviews. The reviews were detailed. There were 6 reviews, 5 good with 5 stars out of 5, 1 review 2 stars out of 5 . They even have a link for a mobile app for heavy users.

    This is the best mobile website that I have ever reviewed.

    There are many ways to compare. It was easy to search. With 6 different pictures of the product, I received many views of the product I was looking for. If I wanted to see the circular, there was a place that I could go to see that. The prices were clear and their was 213 reviews. I would give this mobile website 5 stars out of 5.

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  • Amazing website design 2013

    2013 06 03 0711 300x250 Amazing website design 2013

    Amazing Website Design 2013

    Make amazing websites which can easily be formatted to Facebook and Mobile with one click. Also featured are easy to design slide shows as well as opt in features to help you build a big list.

    Features include review website, affiliate website, mobile website, WordPress blog, sales page, Facebook Iframe page, local website. Easily converted to Mobile and Iframe pages.

    Michael D’Amico has been helping business get their content on the internet since 2003. We can either do it ourselves or help you or your staff. It is important to keep up with the changes to stay even or ahead of competition.

    Another amazing website design feature that I like is the ability to set up a review page. How many times have I seen customers click on the page that shows them their different options.The Iframe facebook feature is handy now and in the future. Facebook continues to grow from when 7% of the entire population is now on Facebook.

    Their is also opt in page website design feature which helps promote your offer or your newsletter. Since it   takes on average 5-7 times for your customers to see your ad before they buy, it is now more important than ever to have a newsletter. I personally like Constant Contact (check out my link for a free 60 day trial here.) They also are helpful with professional templates to make you stick out from the pack.

    And of course with more and more people using mobile on their smartphones or Ipad, an easy 1 click design solution is very handy. Mobile is especially important for local search and than there is Click to Call.

    It can be set up for less than the cost of a cable bill. The best website design for 2013 is the one with the most options at a competitive price. Check out the video for more information here.

    WHAT WEBSITE DO YOU LIKE BE1 Amazing website design 2013

    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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  • Sticky: How does the number of reviews affect your Google local ranking?

    Does a high Google Review score help your Google Local Ranking? Does a low Google Review score hurt your Google Local Ranking? 

    There are a number of factors that influence your  business ranking, but surely a correlation could be deduced. We took 10 Google local categories and went 10 deep in the rankings to see what if we could see any correlations positively or negatively affecting local businesses.

    GoogleLocalRankingsStudy 3 300x138 How does the number of reviews affect your Google local ranking?







    GoogleLocalRankingsStudy 4 10 300x148 How does the number of reviews affect your Google local ranking?

    Google local rankings study Northeast ohio 4-10








    Do 0 reviews affect your ranking?

    From this study, it is possible to have zer0 local service reviews and be ranked on top. It does depend a lot on the local business category. Holistic medicine can be easier to rank for zero reviews as opposed to a  local restaurant which has much more competition.  It needs to mentioned that if you have 0 reviews in Cleveland for your coffee shop, you will not show up in the top 10.

    Does the business with the most business reviews, have the top ranking?

    From this study, the business with the most business reviews, had the top ranking  70% of the time. When you total up the listings from the 10 categories, it is interesting to note, the ranking from number 2 through number 10 had about the same amount of reviews.

    My business does not have a local ranking. What do I do?

    If your business is a dot or it does not show up, check out  different Google Local plans.  Once your site is set up, you will see your business as a letter on the map. When a users type a category into Google search, such as restaurant,  your business will show up on Google Maps on a PC or a website, for local searches. A professional service will help you rank higher to be seen on page 1.






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  • Mobile Website or Mobile App, which is best for your business?

    clicktosee logo Mobile Website or Mobile App, which is best for your business?

    Click to see to determine what is best for my business

    Good article which can guide you to purchase a mobile website or a mobile app
    for your business or do nothing.


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  • Get me to Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and give me a price.

    Living out in Madison, Ohio, I wondered how do I get to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport and how do I get a good rate on shuttle service from Madison, Ohio? I should be able to do this with my Smartphone. I went to my Apple browser and put in the term, “Cleveland Airport Parking Shuttle“.  I first  went to  I wanted to compare prices and was open to limousines, vans, and taxicabs. What caught my eye was was the phrase “there are 19 limousine companies” that provide services to travelers to Cleveland. I clicked on a tab To/From Cleveland. Than I clicked on Taxis and Shuttles which took me to a page with rates from 5 to 40 minutes away. Out here in Madison we are more than 50 minutes away and the rate for 40 minutes awas was $87. Below were links to 5 taxi companies with phone numbers when you click on each of the names. Where were the 19 limousine companies?  Well on to the next site. It did show shuttle service to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  Not happy that the text was so small. Not a mobile optimized site, sigh. I saw a link called Airport Shuttle. I put in my Zip Code and got a rate at $92.00. Mission accomplished.

    AirportShuttleReview Get me to Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and give me a price.

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